About Me

Hi there! I’m Henry – a passionate cook, amateur photographer and nutrition student. I believe that anybody can cook amazing food that is quick, easy, delicious and healthy. When I learnt to cook this was my own criteria, and these are the sorts of recipes I hope to share with you.

Improving my own health was my initial motivation for getting into the kitchen. Eating lots of processed foods and ones low in nutrition left me feeling tired and sluggish, and I soon realized that what I ate could directly impact my health. This gave me the motivation to dive into the world of food, and reading cookbooks became my new hobby. I started making foods that satisfied all my cravings, and also left me feeling great. This was a breakthrough! Most days I can be found experimenting in the kitchen, and having lots of fun along the way.

I want to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy my food, so all of my recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Majority are also paleo, vegan, or low carb. You’ll find easy breakfasts and snacks, tasty main meals that are packed with loads of veggies, and plenty of sweet treats! I mean, who doesn’t love a chocolate brownie??

I love seeing what you create, so make sure to share your food pictures with the hashtag #henrynankivell and tag @henrynankivell on Instagram!