Ingredients & Food Philosophy

Ingredients & Food Philosophy

Here are some of the ingredients that I like to use in my recipes:

Eggs – Are large, unless otherwise stated. I use free-range eggs at the minimum.

Vegetables & fruit – Try to eat what is local and in season, as it will be fresher and cheaper. Choose organic vegetables if it fits your budget, or try growing your own!

Meat – I choose to eat free range, organic, grass-fed & finished, or pasture raised meat, as I believe it is not only better for us, but also for the planet.

Seafood – It is important to choose seafood that has been sustainably sourced, from clean waters.

Nuts/ seeds – You can activate &/ or sprout them to make them easier to digest.

Salt – Choose good quality unrefined salt.

Fats/ oils – For cooking, I use unrefined coconut oil, animal fat from healthy animals, avocado oil, ghee (if tolerated), and sesame oil. I love using extra-virgin olive oil and macadamia oil raw and in salad dressings. I avoid the following oils as they can be super high in omega-6 fatty acids, prone to oxidation and also inflammatory for the body: canola, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean/ soy, corn, grapeseed, rice bran & “vegetable” oil.

Sweeteners – I love using raw unprocessed honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, green leaf stevia or monk fruit. Try to stay clear of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Make sure to read the ingredients list and nutrition panel on food items, and look beyond the marketing claims. Try to stick to things made with whole, unprocessed foods, and steer clear of those with flavours, colours, preservatives, e-numbers, gums, refined sugars & oils.

A good strategy is to stick to foods that don’t need an ingredients list, such as fresh produce.

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified nutritionist. The information presented here and on this website is based on my own personal experience, and should not take the place of professional medical advice. Always consult with your qualified health care provider before undertaking any dietary changes.